Recruitment Packets

You will need to prepare information packets that can be distributed to all alumnae belonging to the Greek Organizations on your chosen college campus.  The alumna will then use this information to prepare a reference or recommendation for you.  Please note that you can compile these packets before you have made your final choice of university.  The alumna who agrees to help you is responsible for mailing or submitting the recommendation to their local sorority reference chairwoman, if applicable.

The following is a list of the information that you will take to each alumna so she can write a reference/recommendation for you.  Please ask the person you call for any additional specific requirements.  Please be polite to these ladies as they are taking time out of their lives to help you.  Call and ask for a reference - Do not just drop it off at their house without speaking to them.  Mothers - please do not do this for your daughters.

  • For each alumna of each Greek organization on the college campus of your choice you will need one (1) 9" x 12" envelope with three (3) first class stamps.  Do not write on the outside of the envelope and do not attach postage to the outside.  Please place the stamps inside the envelope, preferably in a baggie with your photos.

  • Please place the following in the envelope:
  1. Two (2) copies of your personal resume.  Please include parent's names, your siblings' names and schools, any sorority affiliation (sister, mother, grandmother).  Contact information including email address and phone numbers.  Include the college you will be attending as well as the high school your currently attend.  Also, write a short personal note about your likes, dreams and hopes for college.
  2. Two (2) copies of your high school transcript that includes your SAT/ACT scores.  This does not have to be an official transcript - an unofficial transcript is acceptable.  You do not need to wait to obtain your final transcript.
  3. Two photos of yourself.  One (1) close up and 1/2 full length.  Regardless of what college Panhellenic may tell you their requirements are, we highly suggest at least two 3 1/2 x 5 or 4 x 6 in size.  Attach a label with your name, hometown and high school on the back of the photo.  Please place your pictures in a Ziploc bag to keep them all together.  Pictures are important!  If possible, have a professional take your pictures specifically for this purpose as they should be similar in quality to business images or professional headshots.  Business casual dress is the norm - do not try to be a model.  Remember these pictures are for other girls. 
  4. Address of college chapter - there will be some collegiate chapters who will not provide their address.  If this is the case, the alumna will know where to send it.
  5. Note - some sororities now prefer online submissions.  If this is the case, the alumna may ask you for a PDF or JPG to be sent to her.
  6. Contact information for alumnae willing to provide letters of recommendation is here.