​ready to rush?

Our officers are putting together an informative package to supply our local potential new members with all of the information needed to navigate the recruitment process!  This packet should be published soon, so please check back frequently for this must-have guideline!

In the meantime, high school seniors should be working on a few things to help with this process.  Start cleaning up your social media! Remember that your social media reflects who you are and tells actives and alumni a story about you.  Make sure you are representing yourself in a positive light!  Another important task you can be working on now is updating your resume.  Don't wait until you are putting your packets together to gather all of your information because you are sure to forget something important.  When the new year is here, start collecting names and contact information of potential recommendation writers.  Research your college's Panhellenic site and each chapter at the school to see what their requirements are.  Organization is key!  You've got this and we are here to help!

​McKinney Area Alumnae Panhellenic

McKinney, texas